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Challenging Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour Workshop

Workshop overview:
Our challenging behaviour workshop enables you to have an awareness and understanding of the reasons why a Pupil may present challenging behaviour. We share ways of assessing what behaviour is being presented through to writing behaviour support programmes and teaching replacement skills. We explore a range of tactics, methods and approaches to support the person that can reduce challenging behaviour with short and long term strategies.

Our workshop is designed to pass our knowledge to you with an aim of managing situations safely and reducing stress and anxiety for all involved.

Delegates attending this workshop will:

  • By knowing what contributes to an individual displaying challenging behaviour
  • By knowing the control techniques of how to manage challenging behaviour
  • By understanding the boundaries when dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Being able to identify short term and long term strategies
  • Being able to manage situations objectively

Suitable for:
Schools: Nurseries, Primary, Secondary, Special Schools, Free Schools, Academies
Delegates: Deputy/Assistant/Head Teacher, Senco, PHSE, Nominated Governor

Programme outline:

  • Registration (inclusive of tea and coffee)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Definitions of challenging behaviour
  • Types of challenging behaviour
  • Impact of challenging behaviour
  • External and internal influences on behaviour
  • Assessing behaviour
  • Teaching replacement skills
  • Supporting staff and reducing stress
  • Factors relating to causes of challenging behaviour
  • Results and outcomes of challenging behaviour
  • Identify values to your approach in managing behaviour
  • Considerations, short and long term strategies
  • Positive strategies to encourage positive behaviour in your setting
  • Behaviour support planning
  • Close (Safe journey home or back to work)

Each delegate will receive the following:

  • Presentation pack
  • Framed certificate of attendance (evidence for CPD)
  • Complimentary sweets/chocolates/mints
  • Pen and highlighter