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Communicating With Impact Workshop

Workshop overview:

Ask any employee in any organisation, large or small, about problems they face at work on a daily basis and you will usually find communication lying at the heart of it.

This workshop explores the importance of communication at work and provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to maximise the impact of your communication on others, both in and outside the workplace.

The workshop is designed to help you understand how to maximise your communication skills in a variety of situations i.e. when harassed, feeling pressurised, experiencing frustration, and every other emotion that you could display.

By understanding the importance of clear and focused written and verbal communication skills, you will be able to communicate with confidence and impact in a variety of workplace situations, i.e. team meetings, interviews, presentations and performance reviews. Also being able to communicate effectively with pupils, young people and parents/carers with impact.

Delegates attending this workshop will:

  • feel more confident to express your ideas and opinions
  • get the best possible results from important meetings
  • avoid all the perils and costs of badly worded messages and mis-understandings.
  • feel happier to handle situations where you need to deliver difficult feedback to other people.
  • understanding other people‚Äôs communication needs and working to achieve win:win outcomes
  • being able to put an action plan highlighting best practice and AFI within the School/Organisation

Suitable for:
Organisations: All organisations i.e. schools, housing associations, charities, transport, engineering
Delegates: All employees

Programme outline:

  • Registration (inclusive of tea and coffee)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • How to build rapport and improve relationships
  • What are nerves and why they are there and controlling them
  • How body language can help or hinder
  • Presence and the power of being in the moment
  • The power of listening and getting your message across
  • Maintaining a positive state
  • Looking at beliefs
  • The power of the voice covering breathing, projection and tone
  • Communication barriers
  • Self-talk
  • How we all see the world
  • Close (Safe journey home or back to work)

Each delegate will receive the following:

  • Presentation pack
  • Framed certificate of attendance (evidence for CPD)
  • Complimentary sweets/chocolates/mints
  • Pen and highlighter