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Mystery Shopping in Housing Associations

9.30 am – 3.00 pm

Workshop overview:
Mystery Shopping is an extremely powerful way to test service standards and is a form of market research which assesses services wholly from the point of view of the Customer.

Organisations aim to provide its Customers with a consistently high level of customer service at all times. To achieve this, service standards must set out the standard of service that the shoppers expect from you and which can be used to measure the Organisation or individual site performance. We recognise that things do go wrong from time to time, and when they do, you need to know about them. Similarly, when a particular service that you provide is working well, and you are satisfied with it, you would like to know.

We have introduced a Mystery Shopper training day which will enable you to have the skills to be able to implement a Mystery Shopper programme in your Organisation and/or individual sites.

Benefits to your Organisation: Benchmarks the service delivery of the Organisation and/or individual sites against the standards of service that you declare. The workshop will enable you to design your own in-house Mystery Shopper programme.

Mystery Shopping is most commonly used to assess adherence to Organisation’s service and regulatory standards and can also be used to assess the success of staff training.

Objectives: The purpose of mystery customer research is to provide management information to the Organisation. This is intended to assist the Organisation to focus on customer service improvements by providing you with information on the quality of the current service.

Delegates attending this workshop will:

  • Able to design a robust School’s Mystery Shopping programme
  • Enable you to have the skills to be able to implement a School’s Mystery Shopper programme
  • To obtain a greater understanding of the Customer Care Standards and how they can link into the Mystery Shopper programme
  • Being able to put an action plan highlighting best practice and AFI for your school

Suitable for:
Schools: Nurseries, Primary, Secondary, Special Schools, Free Schools, Academies
Delegates: Deputy/Assistant/Head Teacher, Bursar/Office Manager, Governor

Programme outline:

  • Registration (inclusive of tea and coffee)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Introduction into Mystery Shopping
  • Designing a School’s Mystery Shopper programme
  • Service delivery criteria
  • Customer Care standards
  • Regulatory standards
  • Traits of a Mystery Shopper
  • Report writing
  • Best practices
  • Way forward
  • School’s Mystery Shopping programme Action plan
  • Close (Safe journey home or back to work)

Each delegate will receive the following:

  • Presentation pack
  • Framed certificate of attendance (evidence for CPD)
  • Complimentary sweets/chocolates/mints
  • Pen and highlighter