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Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers Workshop

Workshop overview:
The training aims to develop the Passenger Assistant Drivers’ safeguarding of adult and children and to be able to follow and demonstrate due diligence as a responsible driver.

It is important to be able to promote a responsible and considered service especially for vulnerable people (adult and children) by protecting them, the driver and the organisation.

By attending this workshop you will have the knowledge to be able to deal and react in accordance to the said Safeguarding policy and also in conjunction with key legislation.

Delegates attending this workshop will:

  • increase driver understanding of the issues faced by vulnerable passengers
  • improve driver attitudes to vulnerable passengers
  • change driver behaviour and to give more consideration to the issues faced by vulnerable passengers
  • understand the Safeguarding policy
  • be aware of the key legislation surrounding safeguarding
  • recognise the importance of record keeping and adhering to the Code of Conduct

Suitable for:
Schools: Transport
Delegates: Drivers, Office Staff

Programme for the day:

  • Registration (inclusive of tea and coffee)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • An overview of why safeguarding is important
  • Key legislation surrounding safeguarding
  • Appropriately assessing risks
  • The differences between a safeguarding allegation and a complaint
  • Help drivers provide a safe and suitable service to vulnerable passengers of all ages.
  • An awareness of signs of abuse
  • Recognise what makes a person vulnerable
  • Understand how to respond, including how to report safeguarding concerns and where to get advice
  • The ability to think through options to feel confident in taking or not taking action
  • Close (Safe journey home or back to work)

Each delegate will receive the following:

  • Presentation pack
  • Framed certificate of attendance (evidence for CPD)
  • Complimentary sweets/chocolates/mints
  • Pen and highlighter