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Valuing Equality and Diversity Workshop

10.00 am – 1.30 pm

Workshop overview:
This workshop is designed to allow you to evaluate the importance of equality and diversity for your children, staff, governors, community, visitors and also in your team and School. The workshop will also focus on the impact it can have if you do not embrace equality and diversity in your School.

The workshop will also cover the Cultural Diversity Quality Standard (CDQS) award.

Working towards the criteria will help your school to achieve areas of the Ofsted Inspection Framework, Quality of leadership in and management of the school, by showing how ‘well the school promotes pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ and all pupil groups are making ‘at least good progress’ in attainment.

By attending this workshop you will be able to work towards either developing or enhancing the ‘Equality and diversity processes and practices’ to demonstrate your proactive working practices.

Delegates attending this workshop will:

  • understand the legal framework for Equal Opportunities and Equality and Diversity and how it impacts in the school
  • review your school policy to support Equality and Diversity
  • be able to recognise behaviours and stereotyping that affects relationships with others (children, staff, governors, community, visitors)
  • be given guidance on inclusions/exclusions in relation to equal opportunities/diversity
  • have gained an understanding of the Cultural Diversity Quality Standard (CDQS) award

Suitable for:
Schools: Nurseries, Primary, Secondary, Special Schools, Free Schools, Academies
Delegates: Head Teachers, Senco, PHSE, EAL Co-ordinators, Senco Lead Governors, Support Staff

Programme outline:

  • Registration (inclusive of tea and coffee)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Equal Opportunities – legal framework
  • Equality and Diversity – legal framework
  • Recognise how your own stereotypes, biases and assumptions affect your behaviour and relationships with other
  • What helps and hinders inclusion and exclusion
  • How to break inappropriate behaviour
  • Equality and Diversity policy
  • Best practices
  • Equality and Diversity School Action plan
  • Close (Safe journey home or back to school)

Each delegate will receive the following:

  • Presentation pack
  • Framed certificate of attendance (evidence for CPD)
  • Complimentary sweets/chocolates/mints
  • Pen and highlighter